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My new we 426 is way to lean I need help

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I just bought this bike and it's great but I noticed it's hard to start it idols really high even when j play with the idol adjustment and at constant throttle it kind of coughs when you go down the road. I managed to take the spark plug out and it was white, Wich I k ow means to lean from engine experience but I'm unsure how to go about fixing it  I assume the muffler it stock it has Yamaha stamped in it but it's really loud so I'm suspicious of a baffle being removed. But anyways I need to know how to richen the air fuel ratio up


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None of that information is correct.

You cannot read a plug using pump gas, especially an old plug and a out of spec engine and carb.

Your bike is old, so the carb is probably full of worn out parts that need to be changed.

Do that first, adjust the valves, re pack the silencer, clean all the harness connections, and THEN determine if you have a jetting issue.



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