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2012 kx250f no start

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2012 kx250f fresh build. 14.5:1 weisco kit, kibblewhite valves, new valve seats and valve guides, ported and polished intake, exhaust and combustion chamber, slightly illegal head. All head work done by millennium tech. Break in process consisted of 3 heat cycles, slow easy ride, then normal riding over a 3 day period. On the first major ride on the 3rd day found oil to be flowing out of the weep hole on the side of the head, continued to ride to make the trip back to the truck. Oil hit pipe and started smokin so I stopped and hit the kill switch to kill the bike went to restart and would not fire back up just did some slight backfiring.

removed spark plug found plug to be dry and looks to be burning clean. Found that I forgot to install the o ring under the cam cap which caused the oil to flow into the plug hole causing oil to come out of the plug weep holes as listed above. Verified timing and valve clearance. Reassembled and still will not fire. Bright blue spark, attempted to fire on outside source of fuel and would not fire in the cylinder. Did backfire out of exhaust randomly while attempting to start but not often. Compression feels very good.

lookimg for any ideas not to familiar with the efi bikes. Maybe a bad sensor or solenoid, possibly a bad plug even know it has a bright blue spark and is new since the build. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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