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What to change on 2017 TC250 for woods???

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Done over 20 hours track time on my 2017 TC250 now and rate it very highly, now the tracks are getting far too dry so started riding woods more.

Initial thoughts are that i'm in 1st gear where friends are in 2nd (for hillclimbs and tighter sections), this could because they are running 18" rear wheels but would be good to see what gearing options other people are running. Suspension is obviously very hard coming from sand tracks so thinking i'll go for around 141psi in forks and click everything right back on the shock, dont know if its worth changing sag as I am small as hell and gets pretty awkward trying to get feet down at times!

Has anyone put a map switch in the crimp connection under tank and noticed a difference?

Basically any mods or changes anyone would recommend would be appreciated!



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Never ridden a TC, I have about 50 hours on my TX, I am running 125 or 126 in the fork for slower technical riding.  I would think a bigger gas tank is a must.  I am shorter 5'9" and about 150 lbs, I went with 110 sag.  I also got the shorter seat for $125 bucks, it's only about 1/2 inch but it really helps in the technical stuff.  Of course a skid plate, pipe guard and some full hand guards instead of the flag style are nice for the woods. Good looking bike you have.  I did order a fan, it's runs pretty cool but in the super slow stuff I have had to stop and let it cool about 3 or 4 times.  I had a temp gauge and have hit 200 a few times.  I know I am not much help but... I got the v force reeds and an FMF to have a sparkie, not sure if you need that in your world.  I pretty much never use 2nd with the 6 speed except for starting out and bush wacking.  

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