XR600R D/S Good for long road trips?

Hey I have a '96 XR600, it's like brand new, with a street license, geared a little tall - my question is - if the bike is ridden fairly conservatively, maybe cruising at 65 mph, what might the life expectancy, reliability and maintenance be and how many miles could the motor get before it's worn out or needs any major work? Will it make a good reliable street bike to take road trips on? I was thinking about selling it and buying a KLR650, but I do like my XR600.

I have a '97 XR600R with plates, and while I'm not concerned about the reliability of the motor, I'm not convinced it is a great road trip machine. I have ridden a friend's KLR650, and it is clearly a superior travelling bike. When the trail gets rough, however, there is no contest; the XR is is rock solid and the KLR wallows and bottoms. If I wanted to ride cross country and bomb the odd fireroad, I would choose the KLR. For trail riding and short jaunts on the road, I like my XR. Have you ever thought about an XR650L? It seems like a compromise between the XR600R and the KLR650.

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