Little black thing?

Anyone know what this little black canister is on the left side of my bike, if you look at the picture of the left side of my bike (look in the link in my signature) you can see it to the left of the frame tube, not the down tube, but the tube that the swingarm attatches to. Any ideas? I think it is some kind of charcoal filter, but I would like to know exactly what it is, and if removing it will give me any kind of boost in power? -Matt

Only the xl model has the charcoal filter, on the xr it's the shock resevior.

No, I cant really see it...the pic is too dark. But I believe you're describing the blowby oil/vapor separator.

Don, I am not speaking about the shock reservoir, look in the link in my signature (the one that says 1998 Honda XR600R) I will post pictures of the black cylinder that I am talking about, its position does mirror the shock reservoir though. -Matt

Sorry not trying to be cute the pic doesn't show up on my computer, just wanted to make sure you didn't try to disconnect the resevoir.

ok I posted the pics of what i am talking about down at the bottom of the page in that i linked my signature to. -Matt

Never seen on a european XR 600... :)

Looks like someone may have added a filter or breather of some sort to your case vent. There's a small hose coming out of the top of the cases with the 90 degree bend, followed by a T fitting. The lower side of the T is capped and the upper side has a hose routed up towards the carb and attached to the frame in front of the shock reservoir. There's a small amount of air coming out of this hose when the engine is running. I've thought about adding a UNI crankcase breather to mine but haven't yet.

hey, my buddy lives in flagstaff, it certainly is a small world. -Matt

"hey, my buddy lives in flagstaff, it certainly is a small world."......Well next time you come to visit be sure to bring your bike and we'll do some riding. :)

ya he rides too, so we could have a little get together... pretty cool deal. -Matt :)

I'd have to agree with XR250Rdr.It's gotta be the oil/vapor seperator.All 7 of my past XL/XR/XRL's had one. :)

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