Hydraulic Clutchs- Are they worth it?

I am just converting over from MX to Hare Scrambles, and was wondering about juice clutches. What do all the TT'rs think? And what ones should I consider? Thanks, Maniac

I have the HEBO hydraulic and love it.

I did some research and the hebo seems the best for the money, it has a braided line compared to the plastic that magura has.

I've heard to many bad things about magura.

You can't go wrong with it.

MAGURA is great too ! I have one on mine with no problems at all ! The clutch is very easy to pull vs the OEM one ! I don't know about the HEBO but MAGURA is really great. I think that any upgrade you can make to the OEM clutch will be great and your hand will be thankful !


Go ride a 996 Ducati. The stock 426 clutch is a wet dream.

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Unless I am starting out, I don't even use my clutch. A quick blip of the throttle is all it takes. Before someone jumps on me for not feathering the clutch or the damage I'm doing by banging gears, I'll say this. The torque from our thumpers will eat clutches alive if you abuse the clutch. Unlike a two stroke where feathering is standard procedure, you don't feather a thumpers clutch. Repeated clutching will fatigue your left hand faster making it hard to hold on. I learned the no clutch trick from a desert racer friend of mine. His YZ400 TWO-STROKE still had the stock trans in it from years of banging gears. Bottom line I guess is that if the standard clutch is too much for you, a juice clutch is the only way to go unless you tried a new terry cable. I myself don't use the clutch enough to worry about it but that's just my style.

I don't use my clutch anymore either. I'd save my money for tires.

Well you guys, I think, just don't understand. If I am racing thru the woods for 2 1/2 hours, I'll be using the clutch! We are talking tight here. As far as MX goes, yes, I too don't need any clutch. But I think I might in those woods.

Hebo & I love it & I power shift at times w/o the clutch.......for the woods, you will love it.

I agree with Grasshopper and others

In woods if you are in tight twisty stuff, I guess it would be a valid buy.

But As stated once I get going I rarely use the clutch unless I am trail riding and honestly I dont think the clutch is that bad, Pull is even and not so harsh. I have an 00.

Keeping the cable free and well lubed is good too

:) I have found that the cable if not routed freely, or has a kink / sharp bend to it, will hinder the pull and make it tuffer.

I keep me cables lubed every ride, a cable lube tool is very handy

Only you California boys think that a juice clutch is useless. If only you guys knew how tight are woods get! One of our courses is so tight that last year I was in first gear for most of the day! And I won't even talk about mud! You guys don't even know what mud is. But, I thank you for your input. All inputs are handy to have when it comes to making a tough decision. Thanks guys! Maniac

All you guys not using the clutch should price tranny parts someday. Or, should I say you will be pricing tranny parts someday. With the torque of a 426, a missed power-shift can destroy a tranny. I don't abuse my clutch (why would I, there's plenty of torque), but every shift is made with the clutch. My stock plates still look new on my 00. I know this is a bit off topic, but... I'd get the juice clutch (if I could justify it) and use the dog out of it.


I found the same question asked on dirtrider.net,go to furums,then to thumper central,then to april 15 and go to (YZ426F hydraulic clutch?.A tip was offered suggesting modifying the stock lever by drilling a second hole for the clutch cable barrel closer to the pivot.I did this to mine and it works awsome.It took about 20 minutes with a drill press and a dremal tool,it costs nothing, and if you don't like it you can always put it back in the stock hole.

Even though I have never really found the clutch to bad in the tight woods, I did the second hole trick with my clutch lever and it works great. Just watch you dont drill it to far in or the clutch cable will rub on the inside of the adjuster. :)

Another plus to the hydraulic type is the self adjusting feature. The clutch will feel the same and release at the same point, until it fries :) Great for eastern woods.


ERider seems to have the best deal $189 for a Hebo, just waiting for my quarterly bonus :D


Man, don't assume all of California is open desert.. hehe.. Northern CA, and Southern Oregon ( where I live) have more than enough tight trails, and I'll agree that a juice clutch could only be good ( unless you stack hard enough to damage it.) I'll be ordering one soon also.

Did my first Hare Scrambles here in Texas 2 weeks ago and got complete Arm pump in the tight woods from using the clutch. Installed a Magura on the bike and rode about 40 miles this weekend on it.

Clutch action was really smooth. Not a big difference in pull but enough to tell a difference. Plus...no arm pump in the woods.

I bought mine used for $100. Took about a hour to install with routing and bleeding of the system.

I like it. worth the money I paid.

I have a 98' 400 and I had really bad arm pump too and willing to try anything. I heard about adding 5mm to your clutch push lever (this is the thing that your clutch cable attaches to on the engine side). Some buddies and I tried this little trick and we felt a huge difference and it only cost about $20. What you need to do is remove your clutch push lever. This requires taking off your clutch cover and the bolts holding your push rod in. (refer to service manual) once you get your push lever out, take it to a welder and have them add 5mm to the length. There was an article about this in Motocross Action a few months ago. This works really well for hydraulic and cable clutches. You will fell about a 25% decrease in clutch pull.

And by the way. In tight Hare Scrambles, You use your clutch all the time!!

Pardon my ignorance everyone. I do sometimes forget that there is other riding around besides fifth gear sand washes and wide open desert trails. :) I can see the need for clutching in something that slow.

As to the comment about needing tranny parts soon, your wrong. Flat wrong. Done correctly, there is little if any negative impact on your drive train. That's what the throttle blip is for. It's kind of like synchros in a manual trans. You adjust the engine to the rpm that it will be turning with the next gear and presto. No lurch. My 99 trans still shifts great and it has all kinds of miles on it. I suppose it's all a matter of what style you like really. I just prefer what works best for me. No clutch.

All right guys, I am making the move to the hydraulic, and will tell you why. To ride these bike real fast on a typical american motocross track, YOU DO USE the clutch, and often too! this isn't granmas all low end Husky of the early 90's. As far as 4-strokes go, the YZ's are down on torque. Check out a 4-stroke national and watch the riders through the corners, clutch use very apparent, but still not abuse, but FOR SURE enough to justify the buy. It all makes sense when you feel Hondas feathery light pull and the market demand for them on our bikes.

I ride alot of MX. I have no idea what you guys are talking about "I DON'T USE MY CLUTCH". I use my clutch alot. I don't thrash the clutch like a 2 stroke but I make sure I have my revs up to prevent a stall either in corners and in the air.

As for heavy usage of a clutch on my big blue. I put alot of hours on my bike and the clutch plates still look brand new. Tires and chains......well that's a different story.

You guys must be alot faster and craftier than me. :)

BTW: I want a hydraulic clutch myself. Thanx for asking MANIAC998. I was wondering the same thing.

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