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Oversized tank for 2012 Beta 400 rr?

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I just picked up a 2012 Beta 400 RR Enduro and I know they have a fairly short range. I tend to ride to the trail so I'd like to have the peace of mind that I'll make it back. I've looked around for larger tanks from makers such as Acerbi and IMS but can only find aux tanks for the bar and rear. Is there another tank out there that works on the newer Beta 400s?

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5 hours ago, showtime477 said:

Clark has a 3.8 gallon tank.  I think Boano might have one too.  There is also a way to fit an IMS 3.1 gallon tank from a 2013+ Beta , look at get dirty dirt bikes for the how to.  Good luck.

All true words, you "can" install the newer style tank, but you will have to make semi-permanent changes to the mounting area for the older frame. That would allow you to install the slightly smaller IMS tank Vs. the Clark tank. 

Also "word to the wise" review the hours and time on the plastic oil pump gears in your new Beta :ride: If original, change them if hours are over 100. As you do not want to Frag a motor for a few bucks worth of oil pumps gears. 

Rumor out there says a new carbed 400/450/520 motor in the crate from Beta is +/- $5,000.00

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