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Mike Coe and KLR650

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I came across this in another forum.  What an interesting idea and what an interesting outcome!

"Post from Eagle Mike.

I had the chance to spend some time with a couple of experienced performance people and a dyno a few weeks ago.

We ran a 2009 (this will be the test mule for many projects) on the dyno. Stock except for Uni filter and KLX jet kit. It's also an oil user. We got our baseline numbers. Without doing anything else to the bike (or even taking it off the dyno) we advanced the exhaust cam 1 tooth. This is 7.5 cam timing degrees, or 3.75 crankshaft degrees. We picked up 7 to 10 percent torque and horsepower from just above 2500 rpm to 6500 rpm. No loss of power anywhere. That's all we did. We'll do more fine tuning with adjustable cam sprockets to see if there is more to be had with finer/different settings. We did 3 pulls in each configuration, stock and altered timing.

We're going to call this the "MC mod" after the initials of a couple of people involved. (Mike Coe and myself)

This has been tested but not dyno'd on a couple of other bikes. Much improved rideability, better throttle response. Not drawbacks that we could see. MPG seems unaffected.

If you can adjust your own valves, you can do this modification. If anything goes wrong, though - you are responsible...... The piston doesn't hit the valves or anything like that. Be sure your cam chain adjuster is working properly, etc.

Next step is dyno with custom camshafts. We'll also be running the header mounted aa/f, both on the street and dyno. Many people run the sniffer up the tailpipe on the dyno. IMO it's important to get standard riding conditions data as well. That's how the baseline recommendations for the KLX jet kit came about. (I didn't just guess )

If you haven't seen it elsewhere, we are also working on other upgrades, including a 719 kit with stock stroke, 762 kit with stroker, and FI. The FI is still in test. The first set of rods for the stroker are on the way. No pricing on the stroker yet. Plan is FI to be $595 once the system is fully tested and mature. This might change a little, but people ask, so that is the plan.

Free performance, what could be better?"

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