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Brake pad clips, keep or toss?

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I mainly ask because when I went to replace front pads I discovered the clip on the end opposite the retaining pin was mangled beyond fix and use.

The one that goes under the pads near the retaining pin that provides upward pressure is fine, the one one the opposite end is no longer useable.

I know they provide pressure on the pads to keep them in position and cut down on vibration and chatter and may even help keep,them in place, the question is whether or not it is actually safe to run without them.

It would seem between the pressure of the pistons the brake rotor and the structure of the caliper that the pads couldn't move much, get in a bind or,fall out, but then again anything can happen, so...

I've heard different schools of thought, some discard them and others swear they are essential.

Feel free to offer thoughts, opinions and especially facts.

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That clip is supposed to prevent the pad from tipping backward out of position, possibly swinging back out of the caliper altogether.  It's a good idea to have them there, but the shape of the pad backing plate is normally such that it can't tilt that far out in any case.  If it goes missing, the worse is usually that there's a "clack" sound as the brake is applied.  I don't consider their presence "essential", or their absence hazardous, but I install them.

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