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Help. Brake lever disassemble, replacement. Pictures

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Having trouble disassembling/removing the brake lever from the spring loaded mount. I've removed the top screw(bottom pix) and just have the bottom shaft left  . 2 pix, 1 close up

its spring loaded. I can't quite get my socked to bite on the bottom bolt( that the screw threads into)    I'm assuming I need to remove this bolt to get the lever free??

the one I'm ordering dosent come with the mount  


I've given my Acerbis hand guards and much as they can handle. Snapped the brake side yday. They are the flexibile ones with no metal spine. Have bent and broke both levers now, so upgrading to the acerbis rally pro version and keeping the oem levers for now  

on a side note, anyone have trouble mounting these new rally guards over the ones I had/broke  the new ones seem to stick out from the handlebar futher

 thank you 








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