Chain Buffer/ Neutral Switch Cover

I have a 00 426. I read some of the posts on sliders eating the swingarm, so I decided to check mine out. I have a LITTLE bit of wear from the square pads on the underside of the slider, but nothing serious. What is the general opinion of the TM Designs chain buffer? They seem a little expensive, but $65 for a chain buffer is a lot cheaper than repairing/replacing the swingarm!!! I have heard they work good with a little automotive goop under them, but which kind of goop to use? Just a silicone sealant?

Also, has anyone installed a ZipTy Racing neutral switch cover on their 00? I do all my riding on the trails, have never had problems with fouled plugs, or any problem for that matter with my bike. Is the neutral switch cover a worthwhile investment? I'm ready for the firestorm of replies that are probably comin my way!

You don't need the TM designs chain slider unless your stocker is worn out. Just put some inner tube underneath and bend the rim of the washers a bit with a socket (so they hold the slider firmly).

As for the neutral switch cover, don't fix it if it ain't broke.

Spend you hard earned dollars on getting your suspension revalved instead. You won't believe the difference.

If you really want to eliminate the swingarm wear under the chain slider, goop it. Just take the slider off and clean the swing arm really good with some acetone or MEK, and clean your slider off really good with the same stuff and put some automotive or marine Goop under the slider all teh way around. Your chain slap will noise will all but cease and your swing arm wont wear from the slider grinding on it. Allow the Goop to set over night. Your done.

I have the TM designs slider and its nice, but you dont need it until yours is worn out. My stocker slider was worn out so I got the TM unit. And I gooped it. It was so noisey it sounded like there were firecrackers going off down there.

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