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2002 bottom end compatable with 2005 top end motor

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Depends on what parts you are mixing and matching.  

Cylinder is direct bolt on.

Match the piston to the year of the head you are using.  02 piston with 02 head; 05 piston with 05 head.

Be aware: there was an upgrade in 03 for the crank.  The rod bearings were weak and tended to let go and lock up.  Also, if you are re-using the 02 crank, check the rod side-to-side play, up and down, play, and small end clearance.  There can be slight side-to-side but NO lean to the rod.  And, check the small cam gear.  Teeth should be thick with same profile as the large cam gear.  Sharp pointed teeth mean you have to replace the crank.  Check you main bearings and balancer bearings, replace noisy ones.  Check/replace the oil pump if parts of the gear rotor have score marks.  Flush out the oil passages.  

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