DR200 Very noisy, low power

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    • By Redordead89
      I really miss this old bike and hopefully when I finish my cr250 project I'm gonna go get it back!

      This was how the bike looked when I got it 4 years ago

      It was a genuine low hour barn find and very good project bike, The tank was scabby and the seat was a bit burst, The front and rear exhaust were both rotten through!

      My bro Peter sitting on my bike just after I pulled it out of my Little Peugeot 306 estate:-)))

      This was how she looked after some new paint on the tank and a new seat cover from Canada and rear silencer from eBay America!

    • By knuckleduster271
      Picked up this turd for my wife to ride.
      Thing was beat up pretty bad- needs a good amount of work- i bought it not running but the price was right so i can afford to throw a little money at it.
      It has an issue with the carb, i bet i got a gallon of gasoline out of the crank case when i drained the oil. The swingarm is broken right where the rear axle goes through, the rear brake linkage is twisted like a pretzel, the brake actuator lever is missing, both wheels are bent pretty good, the tank has a pretty big dent in it, someone spray bombed it blue, then black and never masked anything off and the rear running light has a short. -

    • By Nickhutton21
      Hello Chaps
      Nick from England here. First post so go easy on me :-)
      i wonder if if anyone can offer views on feasibility of increasing the capacity of a Chinese Suzuki GN125 derived engine beyond the "big bore" limit of 147cc. Following the advice found on this forum I've fitted a Chinese 147cc big bore kit, a VM26 carb and a DR200 cam...actually a Chinese QM200 cam, but I'm told they are the same thing. This is nice, but I would like to increase the capacity further, ideally up to 200cc. 
      I know the stroke is longer and bore is wider on a 200cc variant so im guessing I would need a DR200 crankshaft, con rod, piston, barrel and head. But, in big handfuls, is this likely to be compatible with the 125 crank case and transmission ?
      ive posted here because there are (or were a decade ago) some guys who seemed to know everything about swapping bits between the small two valve Suzuki engines. Whereas other forums tell me I can get major performance increases by changing the air filter and spark plug :-)
      Thanks in advance