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Small Oil Leak - Threaded Nipple on Cylinder from Oil Return Tank

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Athena 434cc Big Bore Kit.  I have a small amount of oil accumulating where the nipple/bolt meet into the cylinder sleeve/cam chain cutout providing oil back into the crankcase from the oil return tank.  The breather hose is new and I have a hose clamp tight on the nipple (not shown in attached picture).  I have about a drop accumulating where the nipple/bolt meet the cylinder sleeve/cam chain cutout after each ride.  There is no o-ring or washer behind the nipple/bolt, and it sits flush (see attached picture).  There was nothing included in the kit to seal this nipple/bolt. 

Has anyone else had a similar issue?

I am assuming the oil is traveling through the threads to where the nipple/bolt meet the cylinder sleeve/cam chain cutout .  Was thinking of removing the nipple/bolt, cleaning everything, and using Teflon tape or thread sealant or locktite.

Any recommendations?  Thanks.    



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1 hour ago, ohiodrz400sm said:

Make sure it's tight.
If it still leaks use a very small amount of high temp, oil resistant thread sealer.

+1.....that's what I had to do. Never leaked after that..............

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