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2003 RM 125 Engine Assembly Question

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Background: I purchased this bike in a puzzle. Stripped down to the frame, top end disassembled, chunks missing out of the piston and the cylinder and the head was trashed. 

Fast forward, I sent the cylinder and head off to Millennium Technologies up in Wisconsin to have it all re-done. I highly recommend them for any engine work. I got a call from them saying that they couldn't plate my cylinder down to stock bore. My first thought was that someone just overbored it and left it at that. Upon assembly, everything in the cylinder checked good and the motor turned freely. Once I installed the head though, the cylinder was contacting the head and it would no longer rotate. Looks like it was bored and stroked! Has anybody made or purchased spacer plates to correct this? Or should i just buy a thicker gasket the get the clearance i need? 


Thanks in advance!

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