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What are some best mx boots for trail riding?

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I'm looking for some mx boots for trail riding that have a traction sole under $200. I like the fox pro comp 5 boots but they seem to have only a slick bottom and in my area there is a lot of water crossings and mud.

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Forma TX boots, there is a seller on EBay that is selling some "slightly water damaged" boots for a heck of a price. I picked up a set and could not be happier. 

The water damage is on the box so the boots are shipped in a bag, manufacturer warranty still applies. 

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Over the years:

I have injured feet with leather boots.
I have slipped and fallen in the woods because of slick soles.
I have needed to walk out and I can't walk any distance in a rigid MX boot.
I ride in a wet area.
I like to wear street socks.

I think defining important attributes will help you pick a boot. For me I need:

Flexible so I can walk, or push the bike. 
Lug sole for traction, no slick soles.
Max foot protection, no leather.
Good fit

My favorite most comfortable boots are Gaerne oiled leather three buckle Trials boots; light, comfy, waterproof, traction, etc.  The boots in the link look similar. But the Gaerne are leather and while they are nice for Trials riding they do not provide enough foot protection for my type of trail riding.

I have SIDI Cross Fires with lug soles; great fit, foot protection, thin toe for working controls, waterproof, hinged ankle for walking, replaceable parts, etc. I've had these boots for years and expect many more years of use.



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