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2 stroke oil. Air cooled or water cooled?

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I've got a few gallons of arctic cat snowmobile oil that I'm using up because I don't ride sleds anymore. I've heard talk that you shouldn't use that oil in weed eaters and chain saws because they are air cooled and that oil is for water cooled engines. Does any of this really matter? This is good synthetic oil for a HO sled motor so you would think it would be good for anything.

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I wouldn't hesitate in running that oil in outdoor power equipment (at the engine's Mfr. recommended premix ratio)

put perhaps in a high-revving 85 or 125 motocross engine I'd investigate a bit beforehand on viscosity, specs, flashpoint etc. 


I buy Amsoil Interceptor by the case and run my YZ125's leftover premix in my Stihl chainsaw, leaf blower and weedwacker 

sometimes left at 32:1, but usually adding extra gas to get it in the 40:1 - 45:1 range    (50:1 recommended).

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