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should i be worried cylinder scraped

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hi this is how the cylinder on my 2014 tc85 looks


it has 63hrs i bought it with 35 the former owner supposedly did put in a new piston the olde piston have aluminum powder and carbon deposit on the the piston     

and the rings did wear unevenly on the edge near the locating groove  probably inserted badly  i did put a new piston in it and it runs great

i don't know if i should get a new cylinder or a 105 kit or keep it mostly chose i like to have a spare piston as i ride a loot and its 30hrs pear piston bike

and it take about 20 days to get anything delivered  i am planning on checking the cylinder avery couple of hrs   

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Unfortunately, that cylinder is damaged for sure. Continued us will result in premature wear and decreased performance. 

You can send it to somebody like us, and we can repair (or overbore it) or you can purchase a new cylinder. KTM/Husky cylinders are typically very expensive new, so repair or modification is often the cheapest solution, but given your location, this may not be possible. 

Maybe purchase a used / damaged cylinder in the US, ship it to us for repair or modification, and then we can ship it to you in Israel?

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By the looks of that, it's 100% sure the piston and ring are already damaged,

if either's structural integrity are affected (very likely) 

if/when they fail, it will no doubt damage the rest of the engine (bottom end).


Spend lots of money now or... a lot more later.


Also, take time to investigate what was the cause, possibly preventing similar damage in the future.

Worst case scenario is a piece of bearing from the crank/rod that's made it's way thru the transfer ports,

meaning the bottom end requires rebuilding as well.

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17 hours ago, motodr441 said:

i can buy a 105 kit for 500 usd or a refurbished 85 cylinder for about 380 usd so to start buck and forth probably won't save much but still need to know

how long will this cylinder last and will it chose damage to ather components 

Nobody can give you an exact hour figure, but it won't be long. As previously mentioned, the piston and ring will start to show premature wear immediately. 

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