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505 SXF starting issues

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Alright, I'm experiencing an issue with my 2008 KTM 505 SXF. I found the bike on Craigslist but was out of town so I had buddy go check it out and he ended up buying it for me. 

Realistically, I probably won't have him check out or purchase any more bikes for me because the bike doesn't start.

Without further Ado, here is my issue.... 

When the previous owner started the bike, he jumped it with battery pack under the guise that the battery was bad and needed replaced. 

So after taking possession of the bike, I bought a new battery, just a standard Everstart SLA from Walmart. After installing it, the bike will turn over pretty fast but doesn't start. I hooked a battery pack up to it and it started up immediately. 

I checked the battery and it was at 12.6V while the engine was stopped. 

Even after warming up, the bike will not start on its own. 

Through my Google-Fu skills and a lot of searching, I've read of similar problems but they are mostly related to cold starting. It seems I've read a threat just about everywhere and they all indicate something different, from ground issues to stator, to battery and starter, to valves and top end. 

I'm curious if anyone else has experienced the same issues and what it may have been.

I returned my battery and ordered a EarthX battery that is quite a few more Cranking Amps than the last battery. I am hoping the battery will at least start the bike. In the event that it doesn't or even in the event that it does, I still view the better battery as more of a bandaid than a fix. Am I right?

Any thoughts on where I should start or personal experience?

I rest my case and now am accepting testimony in the court of public opinion.

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When you use your car battery, how long does it take to start? If it takes a little bit then it's the engines valves and over all compression i'd say. The car battery is spinning it so fast that it can get a light, but the battery can't. If it starts right away it could be the stator. That's what i'd turn to next. 


Good luck 

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Most times it starts within 2 seconds. Sometimes it will sputter a couple times before it takes off which kinda makes me think it would be a valve issue where the motor is just turning quick enough to compensate for the valves being out of spec. 

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I was looking at the bike and tracing wires from the stator. I located a jumper wire from the charging circuit on the stator to the headlight. I disconnected the wire and now the bike starts right up. 

It's a crazy world out there...."my bike won't start."   Guy-"Check the headlight."

Just thought I'd update the problem for all those future SXF owners who have issue.

Thanks for the help.  

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