For Sale: stock 19" rear rim and spokes

Came off of a 2000 YZF426. Since I ride off road, I had a WR 18" wheel laced up, so don't want the 19'er anymore. Rim is not bent, spokes straight and in great shape. Can email me at:


How much you want for just the rim?

$125 for the rim and spokes. I'll pay shipping.


What about the hub, did you use it on the 18?

Yes, using the existing hub. All I did was swap out the rim and spokes. (I couldn't find anyone with a WR rear 'wheel' that wanted to trade).


PS: Someone sent me a PM asking about the hub, but I couldn't answer - the board kept saying I wasn't logged in. Sorry.

[ April 24, 2002: Message edited by: Tommy Gun ]

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