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08 ktm 300 float level

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I took my carburetor apart today as I'm trying to track down why I'm getting a rich pilot circuit. So I figured I should check the float level.  So it looks like the previous owner had lowered the floats according to what ive read online so far?  Can someone confirm this is correct?

when I bought the bike the previous owner had the jetting set up like this for our elevation or 1500-5000ft  my current testing temp has been between 15-24 celcius.  I live in the Okanagan area in BC

ASO 1.5

38 pilot  160 main


2 clip position 

It ran like dog shit, between 0-1/3 throttle.

so i put in a 35 pilot dropped the clip to the 3rd and airscrew out 3 @ 1500-2500ft EL.  It did clean it up a bit and made the bike rideable that day and no spooge.

So I decided to drop the needle to position #2 because I was going to be riding up to 5000ft @ 24 celcius.

when I got to the top at my max elevation I basically had to back the airscrew out to 4 turns and raise the idle to getting it to idle, it definitely wouldn't idle down steep hills.  If I go up a gear and give it throttle it seems to clear up sooner than in 1st and 2nd

I'm a absolute beginner to jetting and am getting frustrated with the pilot circuit because its basically the smallest pj and the airscrew way out and #2 clip position should run the bike lean off idle?

I checked the reeds and they're not in the greatest shape, one corner is chipped a bit and some daylight coming in, 

I put in a new spark plug and checked the gap.

i pulled out airscrew and inspected the little O-ring and cleaned the carb out with carb clean, the carb itself looked pretty clean previously 





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Make sure the bike is in tip top mechanical shape before trying to jet it.
No way you can properly jet it with worn components like those reeds.
How fresh is the motor?
Run a compression test.
If that's in spec then replace the reeds and start over with jetting.
Lots of how too's out there for setting float height and your float needle could also be worn.
Worn parts can mimic bad jetting and should be addressed first.

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