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difference in swingarm/linkage between YZ and WR

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i am in the middle of a supermoto build on my wr450 2003 model. after pulling down the swingarm i found a wear hole under the chain guard, took a chance on a YZ250 2002 swingarm as the bearings are all the same. the swingarm will definately bolt up but there are a few differences, firstly the yz swingarm is much beefier than the wr450,secondly the position of the shock linkage relative to the swingarm arm pivot point is different. the wr450 has a centre to centre of 190mm and the yz has a centre to centre of 185mm. the shock linkage is also slightly different centres, i also own a yz426 and it has the same swingarm as the yz250. is anybody able to shed any light on these differences and what shock linkages i should use. i am a very short light guy so looking for a low plush ride. yamaha would have made all these differences for a reason but my knowledge on rising rate linkage ratios is minimal

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