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KX65 air filter

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Hi guys, I bought a 2017 kx65 and a 2016 kx85 brand new late last year. I bought replacement air filters for each bike but the 65 filter is to small in diameter. It will not fit the cage. I compared both cages and they appear to be identical. Both stock filters have the same diameter base also. Ordered another pair of filters from a different manufacturer and same problem, 65 filter to small in diameter. I installed an 85 filter on the 65 and it works fine other than sticking out farther.  Anyone know what`s up with this. Did kawi recently change their setup and the manufacturers not know about it ? I spoke with the owner of the local shop where I purchased the second set of filters and he`s clueless. I`m going take the filters and cages down and let him have a look when I get time to pull them, hoping he`ll let his WPS and PU reps know. Thanks, just needed to vent.

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