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2006 YZ250 Clutch Thrust Washer Problem

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I am replacing my clutch bearing and I ran into a problem with the thrust washer in between the clutch basket and the inner hub.

The problem I am having is the washer has teeth on it to slip into the grooves of the shaft but it slides past the grooved part and sits on the thinner part of the shaft. I can move the washer up and down it is not tight at all.

I know it will get sandwiched between the basket and inner hub but is this normal? I would assume it has teeth so it sits on the shaft not past it. 


Thanks in advance.

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1 minute ago, Bob Welch said:

Thank you! I'm bolting her back together right now.

Teeth are on it so you don't use it against the bearing under the basket. They are a different thickness, and you can't put the toothed one on first :thumbsup:.


Get her back together!!! 

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