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XTRAINER for rider new to dirt bikes

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Met some good friends to do some rocky coal country riding.  My buddy has a lot of experience riding street motorcycles, doing track days and mountain biking but none on a dirt bike.  He's about 5'10 205 lbs solid.  I lent him the 17 xtrainer and rode my old KTM.  He proceeded to ride the wheels off the XT all day.  His review to paraphrase was basically "It's awesome, I can go anywhere on it, it's so easy to ride I don't have to think about it".  He was fast on it, kept pace with us "more experienced " (but still gumby riders).  This was up and down rocky single and double track hills, haul roads, a huge variety of terrain.  We were all simply blown away with how he rode.  He seemed very happy and it was a great positive experience.  My take-away is that the XTRAINER is a  great bike for experienced motorcycle guys playing casually in the dirt.  

-My XT has springs and valving set for a 200-210 lb fully dressed rider weight.  I think his extra weight dressed made it even more plush and easy to ride.  

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