new Beta 500 RR-S in da house - always check your VIN boyz!!!

Originally placed order for a 390 RR-S but went end of sale by Beta. Changed order to a 500 RR-S and picked her up last Saturday... not the best dealer experience but did get a smoking deal... sales manager was a total douche from day 1 right up until the point wife read the frame VIN back and it didn't match the filled out title he handed me with the paperwork... he flips out his fancy iPhone flashlight and reads dot matrix stamped frame numbers back... again WRONG!

Sales 101 - get the title right before customer picks up bike duh. If I didn't check the VIN and then registered it, paid taxes etc, would have been a major major debacle for both me and dealer. The dumb ass probably realized my due diligence saved his job.  

On to the bike.... she's a looker that's for sure! I've done about 150 miles (filled her twice, low light at 46 miles?!) and ready for her 1st oil change.... 

Things done so far... static balanced the wheels with black stick on motion pro weights (lost a couple in rear, tried again warming with hairdryer we'll see), drilled a plate onto kickstand foot.... removed reflectors cut the tail,  moved forks and bars up a little.... tightened the chain after initial stretch.... ordered Seat concepts low and wide... and setup Beta warranty claim to replace EU air boot....  may be lookin at IMS 3.1 tank soon.... 














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Damn, that's a great looking bike.

The 500 RR-S is so, damn, sweet.  

Good to see more and more on this board.  

You've got a keeper sir! The wife I mean... nice bike too

1 hour ago, MountAiryTrailRiders said:

You've got a keeper sir! The wife I mean... nice bike too

The shit-eatin grin she shot back at the sales manager when he unwisely challenged her VIN reading skills was absolutely PRICELESS!



Great photos, and another nice Italian princess with the Aprilia :goofy: 

Welcome to the club, keep the reports coming along with the great photos.

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