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Jean ride today with a blown shock...

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Todays ride at Jean! When we got to the tower my rear shock was leaking oil. By the time I got to the start of this video the rear shock was blown so it was all spring which made for an interesting ride. Kevin got hung up in one of the corners of what I call Boulder City on our new trail. I was going to just pop over the rock but Kevin got moving again so I had to stop so I wouldn't run into him. My front wheel ended up in front of the rock that I was going to pop over. The rear tire just dug a hole every time I tried to get over it so I had to abort the mission, pull my bike out and get going again. Managed to keep up but could have done much better if I had a functioning rear shock! Rob had a tip over and a rattle snake was run over which didn't show on the video.


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