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Hi everyone, thanks in advance for any help you can give me. My buddy just bought a 1998 WR400F that he wants to put a set of Warp 9 supermoto wheels on. On the drop bar under make/model/year on the website only lists the 1999-2016 WR400/426/450. I know the 1998 axle is smaller but still want 17s on it. what is the best option to do so? 1) Stock hubs with supermoto rims, spokes, oversized rotor, and sprocket. 2) A. Warp 9 complete supermoto wheel kit and pressing 1998 bearings into them. B. Same thing but with 1999 and up axle, nut, blocks, and brake caliper mount. Don't know if any or all will actually work. They would all almost be the same price. Any help would be great. Do 1999-2016 wheels have the same spacing as the 1998? Thanks again.

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dear friends please lets get helpful here for me !

I gave up the supermoto project this year , money reasons (I purchased year 2000 WR400F in food condition but pretty expensive this year)

I am NOT !!! a pro street-rider, mainly we go dirt riding in the woods.

MY QUESTION!!! I could buy for an affordable price a full set of enduro wheels (front 21 rear 18) from a YZ426F to my 2000 WR400F.

WHAT DO YOU think about putting some street-tires on a secondary wheel set but not a 17" SM set, rather a 21" enduro wheel set, just for easy riding at summer?

I am not a "pro" Supermoto rider, I just would be happy to be able to ride at concrete/asphalt road, not to have the knobbed dirt-tires on.

what do you think about this? is this a bad idea or it just could work if I would live with it?


please if somebody has a real-life experience about putting street-tires on 21" front, 18"back enduro wheel set, let me know  about it.


cheers! Martin.

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