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2016 xcf-w motor vs xcf..impressions?

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So I am finally moving to EFI and upgrading to a more modern bike.   I currently ride a 09 450 XCF (with no cheater rekluse...) and have absolutely loved it.   Ridden all over the US with it.  In fact, I am keeping it for a street / moto conversion as she has never let me down.

I typically prefer to ride wider woods trails as more high speed bombs.  Not a huge fan of the super, tight, slow stuff (plus my XCF boils over in TX).   Like to be in 3rd and 4th gear thru most trails when I am feeling it.   When I'm slower (more and more nowadays), I mainly ride between 2nd and 3rd.  Getting older at 40, so trying to ride something a bit more manageable all around.  But I must admit, I like to have the unneeded rear wheel spin on occasion.  One big reason for the 350 change, is my 450 is tall and doesn't flick too well.  I bit of a beast to keep under me, well balanced.  Comes down to me getting a bit older and wanting to converse more energy and sit on something I feel is smaller (have a 250 XCF-W that I really like which is my wifes...just has no balls for rock and hills).   

I have narrowed my selection to either a 350 XCF or XCF-W.  I love all the woods related add-ons of the -W.   However, I noticed the reduced compression results in about 13 less claimed HP compared to the XCF (14:1 vs 12.8:1 and 58 hp vs 45 hp)?   On paper that is huge!

 I assume the advantage here for the -W is an even smoother band with reduced low end flame out potential (nothing a rekluse could not ultimately resolve).  Coming from my tuned 450 (~55 hp), although an 2009, I am a bit concerned that I may be disappointed in the overall raw power.   It also appears the 350 XCF revs higher to 13,400 over the -W.   But all paper figures and forgive me if any of my research figures are off.  

For those that have ridden both, can you give me some input on your impressions?   Especially the power band and throttle response?   



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