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ADVISE NEEDED...Looking for a fuel injected dual sport

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I currently have a DRZ400S and am looking into getting a fuel injected dual sport.  I'm a low-intermediate rider who for the most part rides dirt trails, baby rock gardens and a bit of single track.  The bike needs to be able to ride 30-60 miles on the freeway at 70-80 mph to get to some trails I visit.

I'm currently looking at the:

Yamaha WR250R

KTM 350exc

Someone recommended the KTM 500exc, 690 Enduro and the Husky 501FE...I just wasn't sure if that's too much bike for my dirt riding skill level.

I do not commute with this bike...I have a street bike for that.  I just want to be able to ride the dual sport to dirt trails and back.

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If you're looking at freeway speeds of 70+ take the wr250r out of the running. It does not have the power for sustained  high speeds . That leaves you with ktm, husky or Beta. I would personally take a 500cc bike over the 350 for what you described. If you're on a drz400 you can handle any of the bikes you mentioned. 

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