WR426F crank case oil drain bolt head striped what next?

Went to change oil and the oil drain bolt head is stripped and I can't get it loose. Any ideas on how to remove it? :)

I'd try vise grips....

Here is a little trick I learned. If you have access to a TIG welder, weld a nut on top of the stripped bolt. You can then simply turn the nut with the attached drain plug out. If not you can use a dremel tool to make a small slot in the bolt head and then use a screwdriver or an impact driver to get it out. Good luck.

I have used american size sockets with 12 points to remove some bad bolts. You just need to find a socket thats close to the stripped out size of the bolt head you have american or metric. I use a hammer to pound them on for a tight fit and with luck the bolt comes out. The hammer pounding can also loosen the bolt to make it come out easier. It sounds like the bolt has been over tightend you may want to use a torque wrench next time.

Try heating the area around the bolt with a small propane torch. Then use the vuse grips to take it out.

If you can fugure out a way to get some WD40 on to it this may help, but as its upside down this could be a challenge! This will help loosen the grip the thing has - anecdote: the stuff is amazing - I had an old merc 280 and the plugs hadnt been changed in a gazillion years when I bought it. Noone (me, garage) could get the plugs out. I built a little putty dam around the base of the plugs, sprayed in a whole load of WD40 until there was a pool of liquid and waited overnite. I could practically take them out with my fingers! Great stuff.

use a single hex socket. Grind the front socket edge flat so there is no lead in taper. If that fails drill an 8mm aprox hole down the centrelline of the bolt (don't drill all the way through) then use an ezy out tool. Failing that the 'weld a nut on' trick also works well. This way you can keep the same drain bolt. Don't forget to disconnect the CDI and stator before welding.


If it is your oil drain bolt the problem could also be that you didn't have the copper gasket on when you inserted the bolt the last time. I did that one time. What a freaken mess! I've never made that mistake again. Not saying that's what you did. Just something to pay attention to.



Well this is the first time I have attemped to change the oil out of the case. I got the Bike new in the crate in January and I had the dealer I bought it from (about 60 miles away) do the first oil change and give it a once over after breakin. So I have changed the oil I just have not drained the crankcase. I put a tork wrench on it (in lefty loosy mode) and it is way over the tork specified in the manual. I could take it back down to the dealer I just don't want to. Thanks for the advice, I will be trying all your suggestions until it comes free.

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