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2002 matching cylinder and pipe

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I have and 2002 head cylinder with the works matching pipe and silencer this came off of one of two of k-dubs team sobi practice bike and I have a works pipe that that the public can buy and the two pipes are a lot different from each other and the silencer exit hole is different also from the public one I want 300$ for all of it IMG_20170509_183749.thumb.jpg.0e3b6d8547db660ca78ab923d0a252de.jpg





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Ummm, "maybe" it's just me but I have a few problems with this.

First off, what proof do you have that these parts came off of K-dubs bike?

Second, while the cylinder pic shows a number we have no idea of what that corresponds to and you didn't include any pic's of the port work.

Finally, was the cylinder decked to the point of raising the compression and requiring a special high octane fuel mix?

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The bike was one of two of his bikes I got it from a friend of his Forrest smith the work was done by pro circuit here is a pic of the bike the only thing that is different is the number because they took off the number plates and hung them in there shop 


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