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Throttle sticking

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I recently bought an 04 crf250x the bike has been sitting for years. I pulled the carb to clean it and have got it running but the throttle will hang wide open. If you barley touch it it will snap back to closed. I've tried every way I know to adjust the cables. I broke one of the ends trying to adjust it so it's now got 2 new cables but I still can't get it adjusted right. is there a certain way to adjust these things or do I need to just keep trying until it works?

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I found my CRF250X is very picky on how the cables are routed,

along the top of the engine / under the fuel tank,

by the radiator, steering head and up to the grip.


Needed to experiment a bit to find the routing that had the least binding/resistance.


Since your bike was in storage for many years,

I'd also confirm all is well in there, 

like no swollen seals from using carburetor cleaner in the slide area. 

Knock on wood I've never had issues with that but I've read here that most carb cleaners are a no-no inside an FCR carb.

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