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1984 xr500r massive white smoke

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Hi all, just signed up today for the forum after not finding the awnsers that apply to my bike.

Okay i bought a 1984 xr 500r for $40. Needless to say the bike its thrashed and got a cool paint job, caked with 100 year old dirt....but thats what $40 gets you.

So heres what ive done.

1. Cleaned the dirt from the engine. (From fins to)

2. Changed the oil and manged to put a quart to much cause i didnt understand dry sump.

3. Drained the quart and ran it. It went from blue smoke to pure white.

So now it runs, back fires very seldom. Like  and just blows white smoke everwhere. Granted i did put to much oil in.

I checked the exsaught and it does have fresh oil in it. But i ran it for 20 mins. I would assume that would clear that up.. but it doesnt.

Most of the smoke is comming from the rear of the exsaught and the mainfold(where the pipes meet the engine.)


Ive read everthing on this site about it, but non seem to match.

I dont have any oil leaking from the engine, bad rings? Still to much oil? 

I also rigged the spark plug coil to work(splice a new top) i do have a new one now. Just havent installed it. Weak spark cause this?

Its starts fine, maybe rich as it doesnt need to be choked.


Im open man. Im new and dumb but willing to learn. 

Also i have the manuel for this bike.


Please let me know,

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the reply. 

So since the coil was chopped off when i bought it ( no spark plug cap). I never attemped to start it.

So i rigged the coil by splicing in a new cap(it was in rough...shit shape so i wanted to spend minimal to see if it was worth the money to fix.) And then changed the oil immedialy since it was pretty much part of the earth in the guys back yard... i used super tech sae 10w-40 (non 4 stroke) 


after posting my first post i drained the oil again and changed it to valvoline 10w-40 four stroke oil. But i did notice that the oil came out a light brown color.(since it was new, this seemed odd) after research. My son and i did blast the &%$#@! out of it with soap and water when we got it as ever orphis was caked with concrete mud. So im assumming water made its way into the engine?

After the change, it did smoke for 5 mins or so on idle. But now really only smokes hard when reved. Improvment i assume?


Sorry for the long awnser, just trying to provide as much info as possiable.

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He will get better responses in this forum since an XR500R is essentially the same as an XR600r. I wouldn't post in vintage.

My opinion I guess.

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Thanks everone who replyed. Ill try and do the things you said and respond to it in the link above. Ill put the pics over there to when i get home.

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