trade sideplate spare gas tank for?

Hey, I have a left number plate that is actually an additional spare gas tank that I would like to trade. I didnt want the extra weight on the 99 YZ400F, so consider the way, I now need a left side numberplate if anyone has one for sale. thanks.

Were did you get a side plate gas tank? Who makes it and how much does it hold? Just curious.


yeah how much does it hold?..i have a brand new set of plates i might trade...i want to get that big tank off my bike so i can run the stock tank

Check out By A-Loop, holds 1.2 gallons. What's the mileage on a yz426? I know it depends on what and how your riding, but approximately?

dont know where it came from... was on the bike when i bought it, so first thing to come off, it probably holds half a gallon? liter or so I guess. worth around $40 bucks maybe... would like to trade for a rear wheel

There was a guy asking about on of those for his kids kx80 I think. It may be this forum or the wr or 250 might want to check that

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