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Open Invite , and Lilly's go-pro video 14May17

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Check out the new go-pro of Lilly on her KLX110L on the revised and improved track https://www.facebook.com/Saddletime-Ceresco-986591398057786/

Anyone anytime in the area open invite to ride, just north of Lincoln Nebraska in Ceresco.  Me and Lilly spent the rest of day working on the track, wider, tilled dirt, grass/weeds cutback going to reroute some areas to avoid future water issues, and the 'pimple' jump will be moved or be gone.  Tires and other safety issues will be placed as soon as final track machining done, and the did not work water holes filled in (water track idea since only the one pump jack works in the field).  Today was first real maintenance day since arms out of action, still 'overdoing it' to a point, still need a good weed/grass cut down.    Momma's goats doing their part on the weeds, sheep are do in anytime now for the grass, but still see some serious sling blading in my future.  Need to find someone with a bush hog.

Decesion has been made and momma approved, get to put race tech on the L front and rear, and am allowed to 'race' dual purpose class as long as I am LAST, that means if someone falls I got to wait.....really not, but keeping momma happy keeps me out of trouble.  Plan on RT 'order' and shipping front to CA within a month, budget stuff again and did get a hefty military discount.

Two friends are buying 'L's' for work commuting and riding out here, one is my wound care doc, other my blood thinner pharmacist from Lincoln VA.  They want theirs set up like mine as well, incrementally of course.  So some wrench turning in my future as well.



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