Run a 50 (one-tooth larger than stock) on the rear. This seems to be about the most versatile combination. Based on my experience, Sunstar outlasts Renthal. The high-dollar Sidewinder Chains and Ti-moly sprockets are NOT worth the expense.

Thanks for the advice, what about AFAM sprockets? Yamaha used to use these as factory equipment until 99 so they should be good right? As far as Renthal sprockets go, I am slowly realizing that. I just bought a new rear renthal for my CR250 and while it has not shown signs of wear yet, I have had others tell me that they are basically just there to look good. I am sure the racers on TV get new ones every race, so they don't have to worry about this stuff like we do. Thanks again!

I just got a sprocket specialist 51 tooth for the back. Its hard anodized. The bike had a new rentlhal on the back when I bought it, and the tire has out lasted the sprocket. I think the Renthal's are made of lead.

I went with 51 for punch off the corners, and I got it. There is still plenty of speed top end wise for motocross, but off road, I'll end up short for sure.


You nailed it on the head buddy

"I am sure the racers on TV get new ones every race, so they don't have to worry about this stuff like we do."

Its called marketing propaganda, the win on sunday sell on monday. The pros get new everything after every moto, jerssy's gloves and so on, chk that out next time U R @ a supercross or outdoor. The Top guys are riding bill boards.

This proves my point, that for the average guy / privateer (Real Privateer) he will ride the same stuff almst all season, not withstanding tires grips bars and all.

But these Pros are advertising anything and everything. Like I say, If a pro endorses it or builds it dont make it worth KaaKaa

Just my $4.26 worth

[ April 22, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

Moose makes a stainless steel rear which has got to be long lasting. It looks like it's cut to be "relatively" light. I tried to order one a couple of months ago when I replaced my sprockets but they were on back order with no solid restock date so I got a moose aluminum rear. It's holding up as well as I would expect of aluminum (wish I had the SS). I do love the DID ERV2 x-ring chain though. So far it's quiet and stretches very little compared to the stock rubber band chain.

Thanks EgoAhole. I am planning to buy the 50 tooth rear I think. I have been to other places here on Al Gore's internet that have suggested the same thing. Only one more question. Do I need to stay with 114 or go to 116 links on the chain? Thanks again.

I ride strictly trails and I run a stock rear with the front dropped two teeth (I think it a 12 toother). This works great for me, but when you get on the tracks you may not have enough top end. You'll be able to pack the tire for a mile, but you won't be able to outrun the other guys :) ! I won't buy Renthal anything ever again, I bent my Renthal bars on the first crash and my cuz has bent three sets. Go with Sunstar or AFAM!

I am ready to buy new sprockets for 01 426. What deviation from stock gearing would you guys reccomend for me? I ride motocross tracks which are medium to fast paced and woods. I hate and avoid tight supercross style tracks. Also which brand do you think is better from a durablity standpoint? Renthal or Sunstar?


As bad of luck as I have had with Renthal bars, I wouldn't buy a sprocket from them!

ALTHOUGH ........they do spend the most on advertisement gotta' be good RIGHT???

I have had pretty good luck with PBT or sunstar. :)


1: Are the Current gears stock ?

If Yes

2: Do-Do-Do-Do.... Do-Do-Do..... Do-De-Do-De-Do-De-Doodoo

Times Up Stock they last a long time

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