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Beta Rally Tower and Camel Tank

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So I have been bugging Nomad to make a Beta build and they have just sent me back this email:



Hi Brandon,


It took a bit of time but we have a Beta 430 in our workshop at the moment! It’s a 2014 model which we can use to get measurements from, in a couple of weeks we’ll most likely have a brand new one as well (efi 430/480 2017) to check the differences. The bike is a rental from a rally bike builder, who is interested in our tower setup for rally work. We’ll thus develop a travel version and together with them a rally version as well.


We also contacted Beta in the US for a 4 gallon IMS tank, which is on its way, and have ordered a 6 ltr Camel Tank for which we can develop mounting brackets fro the Beta.


It will take some time to develop, we will let you know once we have more details, but for now I just wanted to let you know the build is happening.


Kind regards


Mike Schram


Here is their Husky 701 Nomad build:



Just thought everyone else would be interested in this! I know I am!

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