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Trade a 2t 300 for a 450??

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Hey all! 

I am in a bit of a curious position. I currently own a 2007 EXC300 that I had for last 2 season. I completely rebuilt the bike last winter (- top end which was still in spec) for my peace of mind while riding. Now that the riding season is here, I am finding more and more that the aggressive nature of the 2t 300 is wearing me out way to fast and I am getting really fed up with extreme enduro riding that most of my frinds prefer, I usually spend more time picking the bike up, pushing and dropping it. I would like to go back to relaxing trail riding and having a fun time on the bike instead of wearing myself out for no good reason, except barging rights. Also, in a year or two I would like to attend a multi day rally raid event (Hellas rally, Rally Albania or similar...) and don't know who well would a 300 fare in those situations.

That is why I am currently looking into a possible bike trade (N.B.: I bleed Orange for the last 5 years :ph34r:). My 300 for a:
1. 08 WR450F
+ 5h after a engine rebuild
+ known history for last 3years
- Dead starter motor
- Cable clutch
- Linkage suspension

2. 09 EXC450 (Dreaded XC4 engine)
+ Its a KTM
+ WP suspension I like working on
- Lots of rally parts avalible
- unknown state of the engine
- bad XC4 endine desingn

3. Wait for a good condition RFS 450/525 to pop up somewhere
- KTM's most reliable 4t engine (500+h on my friends bike)
- getting long in tooth, like my 300

I really thought hard about taking my 300 to a Rally raid (have all the necessary parts found around shops on the web), but information on 2t bikes competing in such events basically doesn't exist. What my thoughts are on this bike:
+ Light
+ Reliable
+ Know all the work I did
- needs new wiring harness and plating
- Requires bigger gas tank than 4t models (Acerbis 6.6 gal instead of 3.4gal) loosing on weight advantage with this
- Making pre-mix 
? vibration 

Just to make it interesting, here are 2 pics of my bike. First, last year when I still had lights:

And this year in XC trim

Thanks for all the suggestions :thumbsup:

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