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Ktm, husky, honda, or Yamaha

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Currently debating buying a new ktm, husky,Yamaha, or Honda 450 and also considering the 350s aswell. Whatever I buy will be an 18 model.

Currently I ride a yz250 with an Eric gorre 295 kit and a mod yz250f. I'm 6ft 190lbs, race B class and just find that the 250f isn't enough to pull me against all the guys that are 50-60lbs lighter than me.

I want to get some input from guys that have ridden the new Honda, ktm and husky. How do you like the power delivery on these bikes? What do you feel is the bikes best attribute? Estart is not a deciding factor to me for all these bikes will have it in 2018.

Obviously nobody will have any input on the Yamaha due to it not being released yet.

So far i like the husky 450 because from what I hear it has the most useable easy to ride power and being one of the lightest 450s out there. But I dislike the air forks aswell as them being built off a ktm platform which isn't exactly known to be reliable.

I like the ktm 450 because it is the lightest and fastest in its class. But have the some concerns from hearing its got an explosive power delivery. And ofcourse the air forks and reliability like the husky.

i like both 350s because I hear they handle like 250fs and you have to ride them like a 250f. But I have the same concerns with the suspension and reliability. Aswell as will it be a bit of a disadvantage in the 450 class.

I like the Honda and Yamaha for both being known as two of the most reliable bikes built. And that they both have conventional spring forks. What I don't like is both are on the heavier side. The Yamaha is also an all new bike which usually has some kind of issue but always has a great suspension package right out of the crate. The Honda is known for being a great handling bike, but I'm getting reading mixed reviews on the suspension.


Please give me a full review on what you like about your bike if you have a 17 model of any of these and why you chose it over the competition.


thanks in advance guys appreciate it.

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