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2013 kx450f clutch wind sound

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Recently picked up a 2013 kx450f with about 5 hours on it running castrol fully synthetic 10-40 oil, was riding the trails this weekend with the green coupler and all of a sudden it sounded like a whining noise coming from the clutch side of the bike. Has anyone had this issue or,any fixes for this? Heard it possibly could be the clutch pushrod.

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It's a common problem and there is a pretty easy fix.

Use the search button for this and you will find better answers then mine.

You have a steel pin that goes thru your engine from the left side to your clutch basket.

You need to take of the outer clutch plate and you will see the pin.


Some people grind the pin on the tip ( there are pictures if you sesrch)

But i just put moly sulfat grease when I change plates and never had problem again  ( just be sure not to get in the small holes)

This is also in the service manual, just google it or download from manualslib for free

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