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PLEASE HELP- DRZ has me baffeled

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Hi everyone,

I have a 03 DRZ-400s, and since ive bought it ive had the same problem after many tries and successes at fixing.


Basically when ever it feels like it(it has to be cold) it will decide not to start and will most of the time just let out huge ass backfire 3 or 4 times while trying to start her.

I have cleaned out my carb about 8 times now, with 2 different bike "experts helping me".

It seems as if everytime i clean the carb it will the work- sometimes for months and sometimes only for hours and then BACK to the original issue of not starting and only backfiring...

(when she does run though she runs beautifully and when trying to start her IF she doesnt backfire she will start on first swing everytime.)

I have checked valve clearances and are within tolerances.




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Post more detail on your starting procedure.  Choke position, throttle position, kick lever or E start?  A big back fire is fuel in the exhaust so I'm thinking the motor is flooding with fuel.

My DRZ400E (with S carb) will not start on full choke.  Crank briefly no choke, crank briefly full choke, crank again no choke (never any throttle) then it starts and I can pull the choke for fast idle.

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i have changed the plug before- the plug was wet.

its definitely flooding when it backfires.

starting procedure: E start only

fuel tap on 

choke on full

swing without any throttle

apply some throttle if not already started.

i have tried with and without choke aswell as half choke but no luck.

when she does start though its, fuel tap on > choke full > touch button and she purrs.

I have tried pulling her around the block getting towed by a van and nothing only backfires.


check the fuel screen on top of the needle seat assembly> im sure ive have cleaned this it was dirty and ran afterwards but the same problem. Will strip out the carb again tonight for one more thorough cleaning- I know that my float is sometimes a touch sticky???


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