Help Jumping

Any advice? I've been jumping little hills with mixed results. Just when I think that I've got it I almost endo. Then last weekend I was jumping a 3' hill and the rear of the bike kept going to the right about 2'. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Unlike a 2 stroke you should keep the gas on as you go off the face of a jump otherwise your front end will dive. You can also try different body posistions but the biggie is keeping the power on. This could also have something to do with why your bike is kicking sideways but this most likely due to your suspension settings being uneven from fork to shock or your shock settings are way off.

Good Luck!

On a thumper as Hootna splained, Gas on all the way through, no choppy no chin slap.

Once ya get the hang of it you will address jumps in a WFO attitude :D

Let the Butt Puckering begin

Practice makes perfect, try the lil ones first whil crusing around just jump thrugh them at constant speed.

Next set yourself for the next round by excelerating into em, Not Waked but just stead.

Next Just keep adding hieght and speed, befor ya know it you will do what I do and Thats::

:) Arrggggggghhhhhhhhh Ohhhhh Weeeeeeeeeeeeee

:D Oh gad a treeeeeeeeeeee'''''''Close eeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyysssssssss ,,, Gooonnnnnnaaaaaa hurttttttt!,

Oh Wow I made it, Man that was lucky... Wife says

Crash + Broken Bone = Sell Bike.

She said nothing about stained shorts though :D

Good luck

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Thanks guys, I'm new to dirt bikes. I've had street bikes forever, but can't say that I jumped too many.

If you are familiar with riding street bikes, you should understand that riding is very physical. To me, jumping your bike is like jumping yourself. Envision yourself running up the face of the jump and jumping out as far as you can. The same principles exist when you are on your bike. Preload your suspension just before reaching takeoff, and "jump" as far as you can.

Like others have advised, start out small, and work yourself up to bigger and better things. Just remember to stay on the gas up to the point you, and your bike hopefully!!, leave the ground.



Have you guys noticed that about every one of my posts ends with the advise to practice?

My advice? Give yourself 6 months before you start wondering about jumping...

Be smooth in the corners, learn to rail rutted berms, stay low on jumps. As you get better you will progress on the jumps.

Really, the thing that wlll make you better on jumps is to be more comfortable on the bike. So learn how to be smooth in the corners, rail berms, etc. Jumping will come in time.

I'll never forget the time I watched two "fast guys" tearing through a rutted muddy corner. I couldn't believe it. I was going slow and getting stuck in ruts. They were WOT and sailing over the ruts. Aftr watching them a bit, I tried to go throught the corner with the gas on. Bam! Hit the ground. Got up. Tried it again. Bam! Fell again. Did that several times. Finally I got the hang of it.

Watch fast people and what they do. It will help a great deal. Don't get caught up in trying to jump stuff. It will come with time.

Another reason that your rear can kick up, especially on small jumps like what you are doing is that maybe they are built wrong. Small jumps or kickers cause the front to dive because as the bike travels up the face of the jump, the front wheel has already left the ground before the rear shock begins to compress. Because the force transmitted to the shock can be dissipated much easier by bringing the front end down like a see saw that is what happens. This is common onall dirtbikes 2 and 4 stroke but probably compounded on 4 strokes. Try jumping something which is a longer flatter jump like a "ski jump" and try holding the throttle open a little longer. If the front comes too high, grab some front or rear brake.

Thanks for all the advice. I will take my time and try to learn right. I think I've been watching too many freestyle videos. Man those guys are nuts, but it sure does look cool.

Yeah, be aware of guys wearing the LBZ and SMP stuff. Funny I actually have a couple sets of LBZ pants I wear cause I think their a gas. But the point being I see a lot of these guys out there concentrating on taking feet off the pegs and hands off the handlebars. All they do is hit the jumps and dont ride the rest of the track. Freestyle riding is cool but if you dont learn how to ride the whoops, ruts and especially turns you will look like a spode when the pack comes around to lap you. I have never and will never attempt to take my hand off the handlebars unless it would be productive like pulling off a tear off. Practice will make perfect just buy alot of the MX mags and read the tips from the pros, especially on cornering, cornering is where the fast guys make up time just like in any type of road racing.


Da Hoot

My Bud and I invented Freestyle 20+ years back,

But Then they Called it



Hootna is correct anyone can go fast in a straight line its the turns that screw ya up...

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I have to say that what i have read is good, some more than others. But really, time and practice makes perfect. Remember to ALWAYS stand up! Seat jumps are cool looking, fun, and work in certain circumstances, but do NOT try this with out lots of experience. Approach the jump in a neutral "attack" position (standing, middle of bike, elbows up). Keep the throttle smooth and move your weight slightly rear wards as you take off. Move back to middle and relax when you are in the air. I read someone saying that they apporach jumping like they were really jumping. I don't agree for the most part. The only time you see fast guys doing this is when they need more lift from the bike. If you don't need more height then you will be defeating the purpose...and look realy dumb. As always, watch your local pros and don't be afraid to come up to them at the track. I LOVE it when i get asked for help at a track!

Good lucka and have fun!

Some great advice here. One thing I feel I need to add though is this. Someone said that if you start to go over backwards to hit the front or back brake. Hit the back brake yes! Hit the front brake, NO NO NO! When you are in the air you never want to touch your front brake, trust me. It would take too long to explain, it's got to do with gyroscopics and you falling out of the air like a rock.

The front brake actually works reall well, I've used it on more than one occasion.

I'm yet to hit a MX track. However I'm going to real soon. I've done some searching on the net and have found two close to me. One is Paxtrax, and the other is Hard Rock. Hard Rock has a basic MX class. Any one been to these tracks?

Thanks for all the advise.

When your air born the front and back brake are spinning ginving you a gyro effect and balance.

Yes it is true that tapping the front brake to slow the wheel down will cause the bike to lift its ass and level out. Also not that tapping the rear slant the ass down, gasing raises the ass up.

So it is a fine "VERY FINE" art at jumping, just get used to the bikes balance before you go trying to flick the bike around in mid flight. Get to know what the bike likes and its dislikes first.

By all means read these posts but dont adhear to anyone of them...

Meaning everyone has ther own method and style, use the info her to create your own and what works for you.

As for myself, I just hold on for dear life EHAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :)

Originally posted by motousa:

As always, watch your local pros and don't be afraid to come up to them at the track. I LOVE it when i get asked for help at a track!

Go out to Berthoud much?

I'll be lookin for ya! :)

Oh yeah, my jumping tip:

Don't chop the throttle!

Chop the throttle = concussion

(I found out the hard way)

Steady or accelerating up the face of the jump works best. I also found that if you are almost revved out, that it is better to shift up a gear so you get a good pull up the face of the jump.

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Go around the track and ask riders with a similar bike how they aproach certain jumps. What gear are they in? Growling 3rd, easy 4th, etc. You should setup your suspension according to the track. Usually you want the suspension stiffer the softer the terrain is.

When I first went to Paxtrax I had problems with rebound. The bike would bounce at times. At paxtrax you have plenty of track before the jumps so you do not need any seat bouncing. It also has huge berms so you can charge at them like a mad dog and not worry about going over them. It is a nice place to learn how to corner.

One last thing Paxtrax has the best crash assistance of any track I have been in Florida. I have been to a few where they basically just push or roll you off the track. These guys have a medic and a nice golf cart to take you back to your truck.

Ego, I don't know if I read your last response correctly so, I don't know how you'll take this!

Tapping the rear brake will level the bike in the air or raise the ass-end if it's too low and gassing will drop the ass-end. It sounded like you stated the opposite.


Most Likely I did get them opposite....

Ya reading it, I did Thanks for pointing that out

Damn Physics

Maybe thats why I endo all the Time

Damn :)

Sirthumpalot, thanks for backing me up on that. I have never been told to do that, but it works fine for me. Hope these posts help everyone to try new ideas.

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