Help Jumping

Hokie, i am out at Berthoud quite a bit....I am going to school in it works well for me. Look forward to meeting you man!

Here's an idea that might help keep the back end fron kicking sideways on ya. If your bike has been on the ground a bit lately. check to make sure that the forks are not twisted in the forks. sometimes you can be turning the bike without even knowing it causing the problems.

Hey everyone thanks for all the ideas. I will check my forks as I have low sided a couple times. No major wrecks just slow speed falls. I'm also doing some reading on how to set up my suspension so the bike is right even when I'm not.

Hello rpadgett2 and fellow thumpers ,i to have been learning to ride , i really need some help on the berms and turns they are really tuff to figure out just like the guys have been saying, i have been doing some little jumps and i think one of the main tricks is the throttle like the experienced guys are saying , i was very choppy with it and now im a lot smoother with it and its like riding a differnt bike .i think that you really need to pay attention to the throttle rpadgett it makes a big differnce. I cant even begin to figure how to ride in the rutts im falling down everytime , i think its cool getting tips from the pros on here . thanks everyone

Dan, i would reccomend starting a new post for some help from everyone here on the cornering.

e-mail me and I will write you a book (kidding) about techniques that were taught to me and seem to work well.


Man that is a wide open subject,, Pun Intended :)

Cornering is something that really takes time in learning style and ability. Riding a berm is easy, its just steady gas and excelerating straight through it. Here is why excel through.

Depending on the berm, Height, soil type i.e. loom, sand, hard pack and so on, angle of the berm, turn width and lenght I approach it this way.

Say the Berm is 50 degree angle + - 5, the turn is just a medium to fast sweeper, dirt is soft loom very tractable

Just lay into the berm shove the front end into the begining of the lift (Just at the bottom of the berm) look at the exit and WFO.

The Bike will naturally track right through the middle of the berm, and you will be excelerating looking for a gear before the next turn.

Practice, hit berms at diff speeds excelerating through them.

Never chop or shut off this will get you in big trouple and plunk you on your head.

Never stand in a berm your front tire will shoot right over the top (Damn Physics)

Most of all pace and challange yourself and have fun

Hey Guys,

In the next week you'll see a new ThumperTalk with something that we're calling "ThumperTalk Experts" who write articles for the site once a month. We've already got a TT expert for MX Riding Techniques. I can't let out of the bag who it is yet, but he's by far the most famous 4-stroke MX racer of all time!

Stay tuned...


This is how I learned to corner.

Come into the corner faster than you think you should be going(if your new to the sport it seems real fast) standing up. Sit down just as your hitting the corner and lay into it. Go from braking to throttle other wise doen you go. That is what I was told and it worked. But it can be intimidating coming into a corner faster than you think you should. Give it a try and wear pads.


For those of you who are new at jumping and are anxious to try these suggestions; before you tap the rear brake,while in the air hoping to lower the front wheel, don't forget to pull in the clutch. Most people leave out that little tidbit, don't know why tho.


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