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My 2017 YZX250 Build

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Okay so I've had the bike two months and here's what I've done to it:

  • Acerbis hand guards and skid plate
  • FMF Gnarly and TC2
  • Cheapo hour meter (8.6 hrs)
  • Jetting:  Pilot 45, Stock needle 3rd clip, 168 Main.

Parts on the way:

  • GYTR flywheel weight

I have heavy duty tubes but haven't replaced the existing ones yet.  Aside from that I'd like to add frame guards but wonder what if anything else this old man would want....  Pics coming later.

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18 minutes ago, OlGertyBastard said:

What year is the bike?

This is what happens when I multitask during conference calls.  I updated the topic.  Bike is a 2017 YZX250

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I like my Tubliss system wont be without it..  I also really like my EE rotor and fork guards front n back but I ride in rocks a lot ...   Trail tech endurance computer is also awesome..  Tugger straps maybe.  G2 throttle cam systems is nice as well.   RB designs can cut your squish..  NECJ/NEDJ needles make a world of difference.  Powervalve washer mod is also beneficial....  Depending on your size appropriate springs front and rear.. I also won't be without my Scott's stabilizer has all but eliminated arm pump..

I suggest you just ride for awhile since you got the basics covered and decide what's important....BTW, congrats on your new X I've had mine over a year and I still love it...

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