Homemade ramp for loading bike in back of truck. Suggestions

I would like to make my own ramp for loading my bike in back of my truck. What are some of your ideas for a ramp. If you have photo's post them also. Give me some ideas. Going in back of 4x4 Ford F-250. :)

I'm in same boat well same truck. i have just been using a couple of 2'20 but if a better an cheap to build im interested also.

I was just on ebay and i can't see spending $100 on a folding ramp altho they are nice an look safer to ride bike onto truck with :)

You can get ramp ends that attach to 2X12 to make a ramp.

FWIW - If you have a tall truck, the long Aluminum ramps that fold in half are well worth the $$$. :)

Where can you get ramp ends? I would be interested in the 2x12 ramp.

You can get ramp end at almost any dirtbike retailer. They run around $26.00. You can get a 6' aluminum ramp for $32

Go to www.rockymountainmc.com and search for ramp

YOu can also get the ramp ends for wooden ramps at Home Depot. Not sure the price..

I bought my ramp ends at wal-mart for around 20 dollars.

They are the cheapest way to go and they work great. Just make sure your 2x12 is long enough.

I used to have a ramp that I made out of a 2 x 10 and because my shortbox truck was high I couldn't fit a long enough ramp in the box. I made a two piece ramp by using big gate hinges.

A plain old 2x12 gets pretty slippery when wet.I srayed mine with some textured paint and screwed on some squares of a rubber floor mats. :)

Great point. I bought a big roll of grip tape from home depot and put a bunch of strips across my ramps. Works great! :)

shingles are slip proof

I love my folding ramp. Can't beat it. I would use a board or something similar but I can't bend my knees like I used to step up even with something there. With the ramp, I just walk up beside the bike.

Nutbag, you are a nutbag if you ride a bike into your truck. Just asking a busted rear window. I watched a guy do that once. Whole place laughed at him.

Well for the recored i have only done a handful of time an reason being is a f250 superduty truck is a bit tall for 1 guy to walk his bike up.

But with that being said i do agree there is a big risk factor involved an that is why im looking for a better way.

i might get one of the folding ATV ramps as they are wide

enuff for a SLOW ride up an in. :)

My buddies bought a ramp at Costo that is the coolest ramp I havew ever seen. He loads into the back of his lifter Ford 4x4 with it.

The design looks mor elike a ladder. You walk up the edge of it as you push your bike up. The whole works folds in half and weighs abotu 30 lbs.

As I recall, he paid less than 100.00.

Personally, I love the homemade wood ramps. No one will steal them when you leave on a long ride.

Its called a 2x10 about 6 bucks for 8 foot

I have a 95 F250 4x4 supercab, and I use a home-made folding steel ramp that my uncle welded up for me. I can get pics if you want some :) My trick is to use my old ramp to walk up beside the bike when I'm loading it :D

I don't understand how you get a bike in a truck that isn't low if you don't ride it up the ramp. If I have help I can push it up myself but no way could I do it alone. Do you walk beside it and let it do the work? If so, how do you make the transition from the ground to a tail gate and still hold on to the grips?

Get the do-it-yourself ramp ends here:


They work slick, I use these myself. In regards to walking the bike up: I have a Toyota 4x4 and I have 2 ramps. I walk on the ground until the front wheel of the bike is in the back of the truck. Then step up on the second ramp, lean forward over the handlebars and just walk and the bike goes right in.

Its called a 2x10 about 6 bucks for 8 foot

i agree.. cept mine is just a 2x6.. i think i still paid 5 or 6 bucks for it at menards.. set it on the tailgate and ride er on up. works like a charm :naughty:

Rocky Mountain sells a folding atv ramp for 80.00. The ramp rules. Safe and strong. I wish it were lighter, but the ramp is all but perfect.

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