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1991 rm125 problems

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So i have a 1991 Rm125 and it has had a bunch of engine problems i was wonder if yall knew of any engine that would fit in the chassis with out to many modifications. I was looking for like a 85,125,250 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine that would fit. If you have any suggestions let me know. I also have some problems with my engine and i was wondering if you guys could help.  The problems with my engine are my oil tuning white and it becomes the consistency of glue, i was wondering if this could be a warped cylinder or a leak in my cooling  system. I know its not the head gasket i already replaced that and it did it again. My second problem is about my clutch i have issues with it, i have tried to adjust it to get it in the sweet spot but it doesnt grab. I was wondering if me not soaking my friction plates in oil before putting them in could do this, but i was hoping you guys would have some suggestions. Thanks for reading!


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