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Looking for more ideas. I have several different size logs ranging from 6 to 14, and a 36. I need  some app 20" and 26". I have a 7 foot heavy equipment tire, laid down, dirt ramped one quarter of it's  side. I have a car we drive over, but we have busted the windshield so I need to lay something over it, dirt ramped up because the least bit of moisture and the hood has zero traction. 40 ft rock bed with a little climb on one end, rocks are mostly to big to move by hand. I have a log pile about 10 logs that stack to make 3 foot high. I have a triple log A type stack that is about 20 inches high. 3 logs 7 ft apart in a row. A 4 log square that we can cross singularly or jump over. A 5 ft dirt pile smaller base, a 3'6 dirt pile wide base, what used to be a large 11ft high, large base that has sunk to 9ft. The dirt piles meant for climbing, but have become jumps as well :( A 16" road tile, 5 sections of 16ft 10" wide staggered balance beam. A ramp up one end of the 36" log  that is 11 feet to ride and balance across and jump off.   Two fairly small jumps. 2 more skidder tires, one half buried, both filed with dirt. 35's, truck tires standing. Concrete rubble run. I have  tons and tons  at my disposal if I can get ideas on how to use it. I broke my 7ft x 8ft x 6" piece moving it with the skidsteer. I don't know what to do with it? I thought about leaning it one side of a dirt pile? I have 25+ 16 treated 6x6 used that I can build something if I had ideas. I have 40+ pieces of 5 to 8 ft 6x6's with no ideas on how to use them.  I have lots of tires, but tires laying, no attachment have proven to be almost dangerous because they grab the bike. I built a jump over the ATV mud pit but am having reservations about it. Planning to remove it because the straight run up is only about 20feet. I built a berm for a run up but a failed attempt due to a spinout, etc will be bad. 6 attempts so far and 2 crashes. Being in construction, a skidsteer always on site, I can build most any idea I can get, I'm just out of ideas. I would love to have a bigger log pile, but that will have to wait until I have to clear a wooded lot.  I have a thought but it would take more dirt that I don't have at the moment. I would like a 16' wide wall that climbs that you could practice lofting off of parallel to. At whichever height you chose. But that would take alot of wood, to be filed with dirt. Not sure what other option there is. We often blaze our own trail running parallel to the real trail which requires that we get back on at some point, often it being a drop. I would like to practice that. We built this not because we know how to utilize everthing, but because we want to learn. Practice in a controlled environment transfers to our woods riding. All ideas appreciated

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