Frictions Plates and Z-Start

I just got my Z-Start in :) can't wait, but I have to also put in new frictions plates. I have never done a clutch before, so if anyone has any tricks I would love to here them.

Should I put in the new friction plates and the Z-start in at the same time or should I get the clutch working first, then install the Z-start? Any thoughts

Thanks in advance



Are you refering to the Plates that came with the Zstart?

Or are you refering to new Fiber Plates?

If new Fiber here is what I would do

Before installing the Zstart

Replace all the fiber plates first by

1: Soak the new fiber in clean new oil over night

2: Carefully remove the plates and keeping them in order

3: Install the new plates in the order they were removed.

4: Button it up and go for a ride.

Breaking in the new fiber. Bring it back and follow the instructions to the letter for the zstart its a breeze.

Or if you are real anxious

Omit step 4 and install Zstart.

Or if you are real anxious

Yes I am talking about new fiber plates

Oh yeah! you could say I,m a little anxious :), but I have never done a clutch before. I think one step at a time would not be a bad thing. Thanks for the info

No worries good luck

Its a breeze

I agree. Do one thing at a time. My buddy installed new friction disk and the Z-start at the same time. He had trouble at first, but it was because he did soak the new friction plates in oil. The bike would stall when he put it in gear, but once he rode it for about 10 minutes the stalling quit. We believe it was because there was no oil in between the plates.

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