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DIY flag mount & shock protector info

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I used a piece of 90 degree bent metal to create what you see (see pics below). You basically remove most of the metal from the one side, just leave a small bit of a square where you will drill your hole for the flag mount. It is attached by two screws matching the muffler and fender mount holes. I reused the muffler screw as it was long enough but had to find longer screw for the fender mount. The fender hole is recessed so I used s small piece of pipe to go over my screw in order to have contact without anything bending. Initially my mount  was sticking up a little as it was parallel of the muffler so I cut it in half and then welded back in an angle to achieve the horizontal flag mount platform.  What you get is somewhat recessed flag mount so that if you were to fall sideways you don’t break the flag too easy. Try it, it is not hard! 


Also FYI, since I am prepping for the dunes, I removed my rear shock plastic guard to avoid being destroyed but I wanted to protect my shock somehow. I purchased this 9$,   35CM Monster Shock Protector Cover ( link here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/35CM-Monster-Shock-Protector-Cover-For-Motorcycle-CRF-YZF-KTM-RMZ-Dirt-Pit-Bike-/272603350202?) , and it works great. It is good quality and it fit my KX450 rear shock perfect. It is coming close to the exhaust, but not touching. I may put some zip ties or stich a piece of muffler wrap to the side of it to avoid melting. It ships from China, but don't be scared : ) 




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